1/27/2019 18:31:12 Mary V Positive Awesome food!!!

1/19/2019 19:51:35 Melissa P Positive Great food!! Helpful and friendly staff.

1/15/2019 16:58:00 Mary D Positive Had a fabulous lunch, all was well done!

1/11/2019 6:18:45 Joan C Positive "Good vibe! Congrats Sherri and staff of Thrive!"

1/9/2019 19:23:59 smile90047 Positive Wonderful food very pleasant staff!

1/6/2019 15:15:32 Deborah E Unknown Thank you. I look forward to dining at Thrive again.

1/6/2019 2:51:23 Bro. H Positive Wonderful. Simply wonderful. I had the Beyond Burger and coconut curry soup. I washed it down with blueberry soda. ( what a treat).

1/5/2019 21:18:46 Wilma G Positive Food was amazing and delicious!

1/5/2019 3:28:47 Bro. H Positive Good Grub. I had a good time, wonderful dining experience. Your black bean chili was so good I had to take a couple bowls home with me. I really like your kale slaw. Your blueberry soda is very tasty. I also liked your winter Bowl. I always have fun at thrive.

1/3/2019 0:10:19 Bro. H Positive Delightful. First time in a vegan restaurant. My dinner was great. I started your menu. I can't wait to try winter Bowl. See you soon.

1/2/2019 22:57:42 Annie R Positive Everything was fantastic. Brittany was personable and efficient . I will return for more delicious food soon.